06 March 2015

Somethingsomething | a little bit of the process of creating my logo

A few logos I have been working on.
I don't think it will stay the same for too long.
It never does.
Check out the header I illustrated for Tony, here.

& you're flannel

This is an old picture of my dad & some of his cousins.
 I think.
I drew on it a little bit.

My Afrika, my liefling

[Sketches scanned from my sketchbook]

Some of the sketches I did for the Nokia/ Craig Native Competition.
Inspired by my Africa, and everything I notice, and love about it.

"Always be aware of your surroundings, notice and acknowledge"

Working on some new things, EXCITING TIMES !

Mod Men | Menswear "Client" Project

Menswear project.
Second Year.
Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design.
Mock "Client" project.
Mod Men.
A/W 14/15.
Daisie Jo.